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What it takes to come alive..

Something I wrote a while ago now :meditation:
Life's Journey - What It Takes To Come Alive pt.2Life is a journey. One's destination is unique to our hearts and lives in our souls. It is a state of the mind. A new way of seeing things. An altered perception. A notion of achievement. An idea of happiness. Our destination is never a place, nor are the things we want most really things at all. We take the journey. Our destiny is shaped in our moments of decision. As fate looks down upon us, we follow the roads of desire with home in our hearts and our hearts on our sleeves choosing our paths, making new ones, searching until our destination sits in sight on the horizon. We keep moving. We take others along with us. We wave hellos, we wave goodbyes. We take our journey. Our treasures of love, collections of loss, bundles of experience, wisdom, and memories we've picked up along the way are carried high on our backs and we grow. We have courage. We take risks. We observe. We change. We develop. We cry. We fall down. We get up. We smile. We follow our dreams. We listen to our hearts. W

'I love the wisdom of it. Especially the last two sentences which encapsulates everything important about our existence on our planet.' - i-am-a-retro-lass

Something a bit more recent:
A Thought on Inspiration
It does not matter if it’s one person or 100 people who you have a positive effect on in your life (in any means) 100 is no greater in significance than 1. Who you are and what you do in your life can effect what others do and who they become in their life and that can be so beautiful.
Today I am celebrating 3 great achievements! – I acknowledge that I have (well and truly) over 1 MILLION views since I started sharing my photography work online!
And, my online portfolio (via is featured at NUMBER 8 out of 175,000+ portfolios on their home page as part of their 9 example portfolios - right in front of a graphic designer for the Aus Cleo/Madison/girlfriend magazines!
And finally, I am so grateful to of recently earned the great honour of becoming a ‘Senior’ on - the internets largest online art community. Wow. Out of 35 million users only 1000 or so have received this title! Given to those for a range of reasons inc

Featured Comments

Thank you for all your generous comments :aww: I love reading them and reply to them all! It's very humbling to hear I've inspired people. Such generous kind words, your support means the world. Thank you :heart: Some I'd like to share and show off hehe :D

:bulletblue: I am in awe of you and your photography. For one so young, you have such a masterful skill and eye for capturing beauty. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your life with me through your lens. My world is a much more beautiful place because of your presence, and the smile you always put on my face is so very welcome indeed. You are truly an amazing part of my world.
My sweet friend, I just read your recent addition to your gallery on DA, and I must say you truly are a special gift from heaven, a very special young lady with a heart as sweet and kind as ever has been born. I enjoy seeing your passions come alive through your lens and through your pen, and I just want you to know how incredibly inspiring you are through both. Thank you for your wonderful gift of friendship. You are an amazing person already, and you will continue to become more wonderful as you grow with life's experiences and that sweet spirit and attitude that you possess. you simply never cease to amaze me. At times I am overwhelmed by the depth of wisdom that I read in your words, because it is so very uncommon among others in your age group. You are truly an extraordinary young lady, and I will continue consider it an honor to have your wonderful friendship.
You are an extraordinary young lady, Jacky, and though there are more than 7 billion people on this planet, there is no one else on earth who will see the world through your eyes. Your eyes may only be 20 years old, but they see beauty and life with such clarity that is untainted by all the "crap" that clouds the "lens" of so many others' lives and eyes. Out of all the people who take pictures, yours stand out because the beauty inside you flows through your lens and becomes one with the beauty you are capturing. In your interview chat, you used a phrase about "capturing light", but not everyone has the ability to do that. I think an extraordinary thing about you is that your light naturally seems to connect with the light around you, becoming one through your lens. Yes, I enjoy your work, and it does inspire me. Not necessarily to "take photos", but rather, to "live" and try to see and enjoy this wonderful world that God has put all around me. You are a blessing to me for bringing beauty from other parts of the world into my world, and for that I will always be grateful.
:heart: acousticblues
(I miss seeing you around here my dear friend..please come back soon!)..

:bulletpurple: wooow!! seriously just WOW! I cannot believe how good your stuff is! It's so good it actually hurts! How the hell do you do it? You know you get some people who say "i wish there was a camera that could take a picture as good as the human eye can see"? well you've bettered it, by miles. Not only have you managed to capture what the eye sees but you've captured what the heart feels and the soul needs. I hate to be so over dramatised/poetic but seriously i can't describe it any other way, they're just great!! I wish I could have wallpaper in my bedroom that has a constantly changing montage of your photos! – christann2000

:bulletblue: I just have to say I'm so happy that I happened to stumble over your latest journal entry. I'm one of those people that find it very hard to express my own fealings and thoughts, and what you wrote about is something that is very present in my own life now more than ever I think. So reading what you wrote truly touched me from the inside. So thank you for sharing you wonderful view of life and the beauty of your art. You have already inspired me and I am certain that's what you do for others as well. - missBlues

:bulletpurple: I love the poetry in your photos you're really talented and elegant. I read your words and I think that you are a very deep person and this was reflected in your work. the Art it's not the life but can be something that makes it better, your works gift a new beauty's drop to the world. I'm glad to met your art and a little piece of you. - MatteoCattonar

:bulletblue: I love your mind... your thoughtfulness, insightfulness and intelligence... and how those qualities converge whether you're creating strong visuals or as you write about the universe around you. You have a beautiful mind! - BigBlueSkyFotos

:bulletpurple: Okay I just had to comment and say you are really fricken amazing I just couldn't resist! :squee: I randomly came across your page today and I love all your work the lighting the angle the scenery it is all so beautiful to me and so inspiring :love: Thank you so much for posting your work; both you are your work are so pretty and inspire me to get through my ged so I can start my life and get to taking pictures like I really want too thank you :tighthug: I very much look forward to seeing any further art you post, seeing through your lens is wonderful as I've never been out of the country its kinda like traveling there for just a moment ♥ ♥ ♥ - Naya-hime

:bulletblue: Happy Birthday :cake: to one of the finest and most talented artists in all of :devart: Wishing you the Best on your special day, Jacqueline! Health, Success and above all, Joy to one of the finest people on the planet! :hug: :happybounce: - BigBlueSkyFotos
(Thank you all who sent me a lovely birthday message! put the biggest smile on my face :aww:)

:bulletpurple: You have a wonderful eye for this work and you do it as a hobby?! Wow!! I am truely grateful to have come across your work, never ever doubt yourself, you are a magnificent artist. There are a handful of artists that I have thought that of to this point, and there are more. And then there are people like me who can see the beauty of the art but are totally incapable of creating it. Do you want to know if you inspire anyone? Yes, you do! Me. - euphoriaofart

:bulletblue: So many comments .... by so many observers. From now on, I look at your pictures. With no comment. They simply are all beautiful! - Wetterlage

:bulletpurple: i love your work. this photo almost made me cry.. CrissuRacoare
(one of quite a few comments about how people feel emotional about my some of my photos. I feel very humbled to know that people can see that deeper and meaningful things that are expressed in photographs - mission accomplished).

:bulletblue: Jacqueline Barkla is my all time favorite artist on dA. Her work has inspired and touched me in more ways than I can count. - DsyncStudios

:bulletpurple: Im... just completely amazed at your talent. Your ability to capture a moment with photography is just so beautiful, I really can't get over it haha. Please never stop taking photos (: - Googolplex05

:bulletpurple: You are incredible.. That is all :heart: - ABrinkleyPhotograph

Lovely poem ( from AlexScott1990 inspired by
this photo ^ Wonderful Alex! thank you


Photography | Digital Art

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 8, 2013, 12:00 AM
:bulletpurple: new portfolio website
Thank you Crevado (my portfolio host) for featuring my site on their website front page in the 'top 9 featured example portfolios' out of 181,000+ creatives! I am blown away :D

:bulletblack: Prints

My Deviantart gallery is under construction.

Bell by TamberElla

TamberElla did this beautiful painting for me in memory of my little girl who passed away recently. I am blow away by all the lovely comments left for Bell! such kind hearts here on DA :huggle:

Bell passed away in my arms on the way to the emergency vet. As heart-breaking as it was, I am so grateful to of been with her. We kept each other company for 11 years.
You will be missed dearly little Bell, I love you forever :heart:

Hey guys!

Time for something new, I just wanted to make a fresh (short and sweet) journal and feature some work which inspires me. I haven't been too active lately (due to life things/full time work + I'm re-processing old images that I feel they can be better, so everything else is paused until I finish - stay turned!) But I just wanted to say thank you for all the support and comments you give me, thank you to all my new watchers :tighthug: and a big thank you to those who take the time to communicate with me often and have become my good friends :D much appreciated :heart:
I hope you stick around with me to see what's to come! I've decided to give digital painting a go :eager: digital art has anyways inspired me so much (in a different way to how photography inspires me) and I'm eager to try! hopefully I can create some art worth sharing with you shortly :D

:bulletyellow: Another attempt at digital painting :D

Night Fury
Night Fury by JacquelineBarkla
Pokémon Crystal / X&Y :bulletyellow:
Pokemon Crystal/XY by JacquelineBarkla

:bulletyellow:First sunrise of 2014! :aww:
First Sunrise of 2014 by JacquelineBarkla

Sunrise above the clouds on Mount Batur by JacquelineBarkla
:bulletred: Sunrise from the top of Mount Batur - Bali, Indonesia.

:bulletblue: For those on tumblr, some daily inspiration :heart:

:bulletblue: :bulletgreen:  I found these videos narrated by philosopher Alan Watts to be quite inspiring, take a minute and see what you think - some life inspiration to get you motivated :meditation: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen:

Artistoftheyear20122kx2 by JacquelineBarkla

:bulletyellow: A little something like an interview
+ another more recent interview by the lovely TheGalleryOfEve :D
:bulletpurple: Feature interview
:bulletblue: Beautiful poem by AlexScott1990 inspired by my work
:bulletgreen: A Lovely 'Artist of the Month' feature and such kind words from DsyncStudios  :heart:
:bulletred: Beautiful featured comments from beautiful people :heart:

:bulletblack: Click for some Great Ocean Road Panoramas from our trip to The Otways. Photos taken by myself and assisted by Daniel :D
Click here for Johanna Beach panoramas

That's all for now!
And may the force be with you :meditation:
:huggle: :heart:

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Jacqueline Barkla
Artist | Professional | Varied
:bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: Me.

Please do not use my work without permission. :paranoid:

:bulletyellow: Thanks for visiting! I'm fairly new to photography (self-taught) and have decided to give life back to my rather old; and slowly rusting, DA account and share some stuff starting 2011. Here is pretty much the only place people (many who are now dear friends) have shown (such amazing and unexpected) support for my photography. I can't express how appreciative I am, it means the world! I'm so humbled that I've been able to inspire others :tighthug:

I know I will be passionate about photography forever. It's a great way to express yourself and appreciate the beauty in this world. Hopefully my photos improve over time (I look back on many of my photos and cringe haha but I won't delete them - shows how far I've come ;) I'm only just now (2013) starting to reach the standard I'd like to with my photography. I hope to one day (one day soon) be as talented as many of the stunning photographers I've come across! :eager: Currently doing real estate photography for work and some freelance jobs + Kindergarten photography + assistant work with Ben Johnson Photography (2vue imagery - google them amazing stuff). Learning lots! I hope to travel extensively in the years to come sharing my visions of the world around me with you :meow: Landscape/travel photography is my most favourite.

Stay tuned!



Current Residence: Melbourne Australia
Operating System: Human
Personal Quote: 'A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.' - Oscar Wilde.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience " - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." - Plato.


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