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Jacqueline Barkla
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:bulletgreen: I am the 5,031,304 deviant registered :D :bulletgreen:
Please do not use my work without permission. :paranoid:

:bulletyellow: Thanks for visiting! I'm fairly new to photography (self-taught) and have decided to give life back to my rather old; and slowly rusting, DA account and share some stuff starting 2011. Here is pretty much the only place people (many who are now dear friends) have shown (such amazing and unexpected) support for my photography. I can't express how appreciative I am, it means the world! I'm so humbled that I've been able to inspire others :tighthug:

I know I will be passionate about photography forever. It's a great way to express yourself and appreciate the beauty in this world. Hopefully my photos improve over time (I look back on many of my photos and cringe haha but I won't delete them - shows how far I've come ;) I'm only just now (2013) starting to reach the standard I'd like to with my photography. I hope to one day (one day soon) be as talented as many of the stunning photographers I've come across! :eager: hope to travel extensively in the years to come sharing my visions of the world around me with you :meow: Landscape/travel photography is my most favourite.

Stay tuned!

Current Residence: Melbourne Australia
Operating System: Human
Personal Quote: 'A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.' - Oscar Wilde.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience " - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." - Plato.
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Hey guys! published my article 'Photography tips for beautiful spider web photos' and I wanted to share it here too :D Youpic is a great photographic community, I just celebrated over 200K views! if you're a member let me know - always looking to add some buddies :hug:
My profile.

I haven't been too active lately but this is because I'm making a lot of changes in my work/presentation and big things are coming..I have defiantly been lurking in the shadows here stalking you all though  ;)

:bulletblue: Here are my tips! :bulletblue:

1. When photographing dewy webs a macro lens is ideal to get in close for greater detail of the web and dew drops - try close-ups with long lenses too. The inherent DOF characteristics in long glass can yield interesting pics and can produce better results. Work in 'M' mode, for greater DOF try stopping down to a larger aperture (which means a smaller f-number eg. f/2.8). The lower your f-stop number, the shorter your DOF is going to be. The higher the f-number, such as f/22, the more of the picture will be in focus. For this type of subject you're going to want as much 'blur' and 'bokeh' in the background and around the 'unfocused' parts of your web as possible- this will not only create a more pleasing image to the eye, but it will enhance your focus, drawing the eye to the part of the web you have in fact focused on removing all distraction elsewhere in the image.

2. If you're using a telephoto lens (in which you're probably going to be completely zoomed in with - to get in 'macro' close to the subject, and standing a fair while back - otherwise your lens will refuse to focus until you move back to the right distance it is actually capable of focusing at whilst fully zoomed in) consider using a higher shutter speed, because you will get movement otherwise (even by just standing there trying to be completely still, leaning on a tree to steady yourself won't always save you). It will be very noticeable when you review your images later only to be disappointed your best shot was ruined by slight camera shake - the slight shake will blur your dew drops significantly and you have no choice but to delete the image. But with a faster shutter and a larger aperture you may need to compromise your iso to 'balance the equation of photography' (try to keep it as low as possible though, to keep the image noise down). Additionally, you may want to compensate alternative exposure settings too (if your camera has them) where needed so your images aren't too underexposed. Figuring out the ideal settings is a bit of a give and take process, and requires experimenting, lots of it, so don't be afraid to take 200 images and keep only 5 - actually, you should expect this to be the case.

3. Think about your backgrounds when your taking the photo. Sometimes even a slight re-adjustment to composition can alter your background “bokeh", colours, and shapes dramatically so it's worth your attention. Experiment, once you have your web, choose different focus points to try out. Chances are you can't move the web, but don't just move the camera - move yourself, get creative, by doing so you might hit a new angle of light or background colour without realising. It's best to constantly review your images to see what's really going on. Also think "reflector"- You can double your available light, provide back-light and oblique light or create a backdrop.

4. Fog is the key - ever notice during a cold (winter/spring) night a little fog hanging around or making an appearance at dawn? Yes? Get out there! (Not at night when it's pitch-black of course..) but when the sunrises expect to see natures jewellery in front of your eyes. Don't wait for the sun to hit noon though, by then not only will the fog of disappeared but the temperature increase will prevent any dew from forming and destroy all dew that did form over night. Visiting, camping, or living in regional areas can be helpful (for eg. I live in a regional area on a bit of land so there are always webs around in trees and such. Because I live quite high up and there are many valleys, the fog that rolls in can be quite stunning). Cold, crisp, clear, calm. There nights can be a bit of an indicator there could be fog to wake up to. Wind won't help nor will rain. The rain will destroy the webs, rain does not create dew drops in almost every case - it is fair too heavy to land on a spiders web, dew on the other hand will simply manifest itself on it.

5. If you simply don't get fog, it's not ideal to fake it as it doesn't produce the same results, but of course you can try! With a quick search you'll find there are tons of 'how-to´s' on the internet that can take you through the steps of faking 'dew drops' primarily for macro flower shots etc. but, if you can keep it natural, keep it natural - it is nature after all.

I hope these tips are helpful!

- some inspiration to get you motivated :meditation: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen:


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